Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Check-In

Blessed Thursday-- my Saturday!!! :-) :-) :-) It was a cool week: On Sunday I attended my sister's graduation from this wonderful school, California Institute of Intergral Studies... a small, highly-esteemed, EX$PEN$IVE, hippie-dippie university with an emphasis on grad programs in Psychology, the bridge between Eastern and Western schools of Philosophy and Religion, something called Transformative Learning, and the intergration of The Arts in all these areas. My sister is studying to be an Expressive Arts Therapist which is similar to an Art Therapist, the difference being that you get training in many different creative approaches to healing. Her passion for this career path is really inspiring to me.

There were all these folks getting PhDs and their dissertation titles were announced as they received their faux diplomas. I was VERY INTRIGUED-- enough so to start fantasizing about getting a PhD myself. Why write a humble little blog on Bipolar Disorder when instead you can sink tens of thousands of dollars into student loan debt to get a fancy-schmancy degree!?! I must think about this more!

Fashion Newz: I wore my tight-ass Hugo Boss jeans with a spiffy vest and my sis said I looked nice. See photo! The graduation took place at the Palace of Fine Arts theater, a beautiful setting for photo opps.


  1. Alb, you look AWESOME in those tight ass Hugo Boss jeans!!! Congrats to your sis!

  2. Here you are ... I've missed you. Hi Alberts sister. Hmmmmm student loans. better think about that one. David just took a new position as as admissions advisor at Kaplan University where he convinces people to take out these said kinds of loans in hopes of finding what they are looking for in life.

    Good luck to your sister, it does sound intriguing.
    * Coy