Friday, May 14, 2010

Clown in Yellow Theory Hoodie

I bought this hoodie at my store the other night-- $20 with my employee discount. Originally $125 if you can believe it! The brand is Theory-- beautiful fabrics and skinny "European" sizing. Perfect for Skinny Boyz and Sorta Skinny Aging Queens.

I wore it all day yesterday (with hoodie down of course) and it made me happy. Yellow is such a great color because it's such an anti-depression color.

I also drew this picture... because I've got to draw a clown doing whatever I'm doing each day.


  1. now...I think next time I'm shopping, I will buy myself something YELLOW!! can't hurt, right? sometimes wearing just the right thing can make you feel happy. I need new clothes...

  2. Love the hoodie, and love that you're drawing a clown for each day... I bet that idea will bring you some money one day (soon). I've been on a yellow kick for a while now because it's so cheery! Please post other clown paintings, I think they are tres cool!!!

  3. I love me a steal of a deal! Great buy! Now, quit clownin' around. hahahaha I love the picture and the drawing. You look so serious in such a bright sunny color. It must be hard to hold the emo.