Thursday, June 3, 2010

Clown Looks For Fall

Off-Topic for Bipolar Musings, but...

The area of my store where I'm working now has many small sections of European Designer labels. I'm being asked who the designers are, and I feel I need to do my homework. (The styles amuse me no end, though most are unwearable by MOI. ) I was looking up this one designer, Frankie Morello, on Google, and I found the most alluring fashion ensembles. He mixes Jock-Wear, S&M Punk and Leather and a dash of Preppy. It's a potent cocktail!

Men In Skirts, yay!


  1. erm...i would not want to be in line at the bank when this guy walks in. what's with the bandana? is he on the prairie during a swirling dust storm ? or is he coming to rob me?? whaaa?

  2. Cindy: I think it's a little bit of Gangsta thrown in for good measure.

  3. Love the top, jeans and boots and love the colors. Not digging the skirt paired with the outfit, though. Jmo.